Who We Are

Visions Opticals is a modern optician that stocks a fantastic range of well-designed glasses.

The dynamic changes in the 21st century place different requirements on your Vision and at Visions Opticals we tailor bespoke dispensing solutions to suit individual lifestyle demands.

We find the best solutions to promote visual efficiency, we provide the best lenses and contact lenses that are most effective for the patient’s lifestyle.

Your Perfect "Eye Destination"

As well as first rate optical service provision, Visions Opticals is the perfect destination for individuals and executives who want to make a lasting impression with their appearance.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on excellent quality, maintaining key relationships with industry leaders and staying close to the edge of frame technology enhancements.

We have a team of seasoned optometrists and ophthalmologists who ensure that your eye care and eye health are at their optimum.

Our Services

At Visions Opticals, we provide the following world-class optical services:

  • Computerized Eye Tests
  • Lens Advisory Services
  • Frame Style Consultations
  • Contact Lens Fittings
  • Glaucoma Screening

Following a consultation session with our in-house optometrists, we ensure that your eyes are protected against the following:

  • Computer Glare
  • Blue Light
  • UV Rays
  • Headlights
  • Dry Eyes from Air Conditioners
  • Eye Fatigue

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