Choosing a pair of glasses is almost like deciding on a partnership which will dictate who you are to those you meet. Our Frame consultation sessions are free and we will endeavor to ensure you find the best pairs of glasses to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Our glasses are grouped by fashion, independent and luxury brands which craft a specific look and reflect your personal preferences. Throughout the year, we have new additions to our collections which are trendy, at the fore front of technology and also time pieces.



At Visions Opticals we feel that it is very important to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.

We are well stocked in a variety of Sunglasses from fashion to bejeweled pieces which provide a dual job of ensuring you look the best while you protect your eyes.  We offer prescription sunglasses which offer 100% UV protection and also offer polarized sunglasses which gives the wearer pristine vision and cuts out all unwanted glare.



A perfect pair of glasses paired with optical precision, transforms your perspective. At Visions Opticals we provide the best possible tailor-made lens solution and ensure it fits beautifully into your frame of choice, whilst aiming to deliver a beautifully finished product. Our craftsmanship over the years and rigourous controls ensure its not just a pair of glasses but a well-crafted, beautifully finished, eye wear piece.


Lens Consultation

We are happy to discuss the best lens solution available to give you the best vision. We will discuss any challenges you have completing tasks at work and provide the best advice for your optical needs.

Clarity and precision empower our patients to perform their activities with accuracy.

We will keep you up to date with the constantly changing technology and how best to adapt your needs into the variety of options.

Please ask us about work adapted lenses, computer lenses and any other vision enhancing solutions.

Frame Consultation

A variety of elements ensure that your frame selection is a very well educated decision. We equip you with the tools to ensure you always pick the best glasses for you.